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A Is it Easy to Buy from You?

Leva Duell

If it's not easy for prospects to buy, they won't. Use this checklist to find obstacles in your Web site that cost sales.


  • Are you leading prospects to your order form?
  • Is your order form easy to find? Do you have an "Order" button or link to your order form on most pages?

Contact Information

  • Can prospects contact you if they have questions?
  • Do you provide a link to your contact information on every page? Do you provide a phone number, email address, and mailing address?

Product Information

  • Do you provide the information your customers need to buy your products or services? This may include:
  • Product listing and pricelist.
  • Testimonials, case studies, and customer list.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Answers to frequently-asked questions.
  • Service information and warranties.
  • What your products or services can do.
  • Who your products or services are useful to.
  • How customers use your products or services.
  • Tips for buying your products or services (to help prospects make an informed decision).
  • A photograph of your product or another image representing your product such as an ebook cover or CD cover.

Payment and Ordering Methods

  • Do you provide several ordering and payment options?
  • Do you accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover? The majority of Internet users will order online with credit cards. Few people will mail a check. If you're not accepting credit cards online via a secure server, you will lose sales.
  • Can your prospects order online through a secure order form or shopping cart? Is your order form or shopping cart simple to use? Is every part of your form working?
  • Do you provide alternative options for those who don't feel comfortable ordering online such as ordering by phone, fax, and postal mail?
  • Can customers pay by check or money order?

Is it easy to buy from you? Eliminating obstacles will boost your sales immediately.

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