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How to Upload Your Web Pages to a Server

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Follow the steps below to upload your Web pages to a server via FTP (File Transport Protocol).

Many free FTP programs are available online, including SmartFTP, AceFTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP and FTP Commander.   They are all similar.

  1. Find an FTP program. Just do a Google search for “free FTP program.”
  2. Install an FTP program.
  3. Open your FTP program.
  4. Type the following information in the FTP program:
    • The site name (domain name) or IP address of your hosting company.
    • Your user name or user ID.
    • Your password.
  5. Click "Send" or "Post" to upload the files.

The video below demonstrates how an FTP program works to upload and download files.

I hope this video clarified how to upload and download files.

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