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Frequently-Asked Questions About Hosting

Recommended hosting companies:



Your hosting needs will vary. Contact me to discuss your web design and hosting needs.

The following article answers frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about hosting.

What is a server or hosting company?

Every web address must reside on a server (host computer) to be accessible on the Internet. A server is a computer that is connected to the Internet and uses specialized software to make web pages available on the Internet at fast speed. Because obtaining and maintaining your own server is expensive and requires specialized skill, small businesses usually rent space on a hosting company's server to store their web pages. When Internet users enter your web address into their browser, the host directs them to your web site.

Can I use my own computer as a server?

Yes, you can, but it's not practical. When you turn off your computer, nobody can access your web pages. Hosting companies use much higher speed internet connections, allowing your web pages to be viewed at a much faster speed than your telephone line.

Can I get free hosting? 

Free hosting has many limitations and often provides only limited space for personal use. A major disadvantage of free hosting is that you will have a long address which starts with the provider’s name such as http://www.yourprovider.com/yourname/yourfilename.html. In addition, most free hosting companies place advertising on your web pages that detracts from your message and slows down your pages.

Hosting fees range from $5-$100/month, depending on the space and features you need. Today, you can find hosting plans starting around $5/month and up. If you need programming features, a database, a secure server and a shopping cart, you'll pay more.

http://www.freewebspace.net provides a list of free hosting options.

Recommended hosting companies:



Your hosting needs will vary. Contact me to discuss your web design and hosting needs.


IMPORTANT TIP: To convey a professional image, you must pay for hosting and get your own domain name.


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