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Keywords and META tags can dramatically improve your search engine ranking. It's important to learn keyword strategies and spend time writing description and page titles. You will need them when submitting your site.

META tags are part of your HTML code. The Web visitor does not see them. Some search engines and directories read the information in the META tags of Web pages to index and cannot index your site without them. Others search engines use the site title, description and keywords you provide when registering a site.

The most important META tags for search engine indexing are the title and description tags. Keyword tags are not as important anymore as they used to be and some search engines now ignore them completely. You still need to determine what your keywords are because you need to use the right keywords in your META tite and description and in your web content.

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While some search engines use the information from the META tags, others use the text in your Web pages, especially the first words and sentences. That's why it's important to place your most relevant keywords in your headline and the first paragraph of each page. Avoid graphics or banner ads before your first paragraph to maximize your keywords on top of your pages. Follow these tips to write effective keywords, page titles, and site descriptions.


Discover the right keywords, and you'll see your traffic skyrocket! If you target the wrong keywords, all your efforts will be in vain. Here are some tips on determining your keywords.

  • Make a list of 5 to 20 keywords and phrases that are relevant to your web site.Use phrases your prospects may enter into a search engine when searching for your topic, product, or service. Web surfers often enter phrases rather than words when searching for web sites. List the most important keywords and key phrases first.Include your name, business name and product names. For geographic targeting, include the city and state you're conducting business in. Include common misspellings.Include the plural form of the word.
  • I recommended using this keyword tool to research your keywords: Wordtracker
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Page Title

The page title is very important for search engine placement. The title of a Web page appears on top of the page in the title bar of the browser. Web pages that use your search terms in the title will rank higher with some search engines than pages that contain them in the text only. Follows these tips to write your page titles.

  1. Write a powerful headline for the title of your site. The title you submit to search engines is often used to list you in their directory.Keep the length 20 words or fewer. Longer titles may be cut off in the search engine listing.Create a title for every Web page.Include the most important keywords and phrases, including the ones visitors use when searching for your topic.
  2. Starting your page title with a letter toward the beginning of the alphabet (A, B, C) may increase your chances of appearing near the top of the listing in some search engines.

    Samples of Titles

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Site Description

The site description is used by most search engines to list the description of your Web site. When providing your own description in the META description tag, your listing may displayed in the search engine listing as you provide it. If you don't provide a META description, the search engines will generate their own description from the content your page.

Follow these guidelines for better results.

  1. Write descriptions of your Web site of various lengths (one to three sentences). Submit the maximum allowable length to the search engines to convey a persuasive message.Make your description informative and compelling to attract visitors to your site. Provide a benefit or solve a problem.
  2. Include your most important keywords and phrases.

    Sample Descriptions

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It's not enough to include your keywords in your META tags. Including them in your content is just as important. Include your keywords in your headlines, first paragraphs of your Web pages, last paragraph, and throughout your content. Here's a quote from one of Terry Dean's articles: "Optimization systems have come ... and systems have gone. Publishing good keyword rich content on your website has lasted the test of time. While spamming techniques constantly fall by the wayside. Good content will continue to be the primary way to generate free traffic from search engines."


Researching your keywords is the first and most important step to search engine positioning. It's worth spending time researching your keywords. Your prospects use keywords and key phrases to find you in the search engines. They give your web pages a chance to come up in the search results when your prospects type in words into a search engine that match the keywords in your META tags and web content. If you target the wrong keywords you'll be targeting the wrong audience.

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