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How to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site With Incoming Links

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Want to get high search engine ranking as fast as possible? Get more traffic? More sales?

Important NOTE: Linking has changed since the latest Google updates. Read this article to get the most up-to-date information about links.

Get links!

Links are now one of the most important factors for search engine optimization, especially for Google and Yahoo.

Long-term high search engine rankings requires not only getting initial links but continuously growing the number of links to your site. Google doesn't want to see you getting tons of links immediately, and then getting no new links after that.

It won't do much good to have 1000's of links from the same IP addresses. This means that you should diversify your link portfolio and use a varity of link-building techniques to optimize your linking campaigns.

Below are several ways to get links.

Today, getting incoming links to your sites is the best way to get good search engine positioning. More incoming links means better search engine ranking, more traffic and more sales.

1. Get links from directory submissions

This is one of the traditional ways to get links.

  • I do NOT recommend paying for cheap directory submissions that submit to 100's of 1000's directories. Those are not effective anymore and can actually work against you.
  • I do recommend getting high PR links.
  • If you're a local business, submit your web site to local directories. In addition to your local Yellow Pages, you'll be surprised about how many local online directories you can submit to.
  • Specialized directories. If you're in the medical field, submit your site to medical directories. If you're a dentist, submit to directories of dentists, etc.
  • To avoid spam email, create a new email to use for directory submissions but use an email address that includes your domain name.

2. Get links from article marketing

Articles will give you credibility, traffic and incoming links from high PR sites. The more people who see your name floating around in your niche, the more people who trust you as a knowledgeable expert in your field, and the more people who'll go to your web site when they're looking to help solve their problems.

  • Get ongoing links from article submission.
  • Write 400-700 word articles that include keywords.
  • Submit articles regularly.
  • Use anchor text in your signature/author box.
  • Point links to different inside pages of web site - not only to your home page.
  • Vary anchor text. Use different keywords in signature to link (to optimize for different keywords). e.g., snake tips, pet snakes, snake video (see sample below)
  • You'll get links from article submission sites where you submit articles PLUS from the sites that publish your article.

3. Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the fastest, most effective ways of driving web traffic to your web site. Social bookmarking is tagging a website or other links to keep for future referencing, or to share those links with friends. Your bookmarks can be shared with a large circle of friends and other people that have the same interest.

Since there are hundreds of social bookmarking websites on the internet, you can drive thousands of people to your website with only one smart social bookmarking campaign. The majority of that traffic will be highly targeted to your website subject and your niche. That means those people who come to your website will be very interested in what you are offering through your website. This can make a big difference to your website popularity and profitability.

Get more information about social bookmarking at http://profitablewebstrategies.com/category/social-bookmarking/social-bookmarking-techniques/

4. Get profile links

May be you're thinking about your Facebook profile when hearing the word profile. You can also set up a profile on a variety of other places. One technique to get links is to establish profiles on various social media and link from your profile on those sites back to your web site. The key is in knowing which social media sites permit links, and which permit DoFollow links.

5. Get links from online press releases

Press releases will give you links and traffic. It's one of the most effective ways to get links.

Submitting online news releases is one of the best methods to increase your site traffic with minimal efford and cost. By submitting your news release online, you are publishing news about your site, products or services to the top news release sites. Search engine optimized press releases are one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate more backlinks, visibility and traffic for your website, and should be included in any SEO campaign.

A press release has a resource box which is a blurb that goes at the end of the press release. Include your main keyword in your resource box. Where possible, create anchor links linking your keyword to a specific page about that topic. And don't forget to include a call to action like to ask then to call or go to your web site.

6. Get links from Web 2.0 Blogs

You can get links from blogs in many different ways. There are many variations of this. I've already mentioned getting profile links from blogs.

Another way is to create blog pages about your products or services on free blogging sites and creating links from those blogs to your main site or blog.

Google likes content. When creating content on different blog and domains and linking them to your main site, you're doing two things Google likes: 1. You give Google content and 2. you're increasing your incoming links. This will increase your search engine ranking and increase your traffic to your main main site and sales.

7. Get Links from participating in forums and blogs.

Actively participate in forums and blogs. Answer questions in forums and include your link in your signature. Make comments on blogs. Always provides something genuinely useful to your visitors.

8. Reciprocal links

Reciprocal links don't work as well as they used to but they can still benefit your website.

9. Link exchanges

Google does not value reciprocal links much anymore and prefers one-way links.

Instead I would use the other methods mentioned here to get links such as submitting press releases, submitting article to article sites, social bookmarketing, web 2.0 blogs and creating profiles.

More linking tips:

In addition to diversying the kind of links you're getting, you should also diversity the pages you're linking to. Don't always link to your homepage. In addition to getting links to your homepage, you should also build deep links to the individual pages of your site. This will give you exposure for a variety of topics.

Also vary your anchor text and ensure that it is relevant to the page it points to. You'll need to get links for a variety of your main keywords.


Don't underestimate the power of linking for SEO. Linking works! It's one of the most important parts of search engine optimization and it's one of the best ways today to improve your search engine position.

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