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Design plays a crucial role in a web site's success. Your web site is the first impression people have of you. It's often your first and only contact with your prospects and customers. Follow these tips to create a powerful online image and increase your online success.

  • Create a professional-looking web site. A professional-looking, easy-to-read-and-navigate web site is essential to building trust and converting web visitors to customers.
  • Keep it simple. Simplicity is the key to powerful design. A web site must be pleasing to the eye, but not too flashy. Don't overuse the latest web techniques. Visitors won't come back if their system crashes or they're getting JavaScripts error messages when visiting your site.
  • Be unique. Design original graphics and layouts to obtain a unique look. Stand out from the crowd. Use graphics that support your sales message. Don't clutter the page with graphics that have nothing to do with the content. It using templates, make sure to customize them.
  • Give a positive impression with your web site.  Convey a professional, competent image with pleasing, powerful design to encourage visitors to stay at your site longer, return to your web site, and convert visitors into customers.

Combining layout, graphics, typefaces, and color into a unique design requires the talents of a skilled professional. Hire a professional designer to create a special look for your web site, show professionalism, build trust, and increase sales.

If your web site is professionally designed, visitors will conclude that you are professional. If your web site looks amateurish, they will assume that the quality of your services and products is unprofessional too.

If you are not experienced with web design, a professional designer can help you turn your text and graphics into an easy-to-read, easy-to navigate, professional-looking web site. Professional designers know which layout and techniques are most effective. Visit http://www.fivestarwebdesign.com or call Leva Duell at 760-722-0290.

A professionally-designed Web site can double your sales!

Five Star Web Design specializes in designing professional, easy-to-read-and-navigate Web sites that build trust, and generate leads, customers, and sales.


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