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How to Keep Attracting Prospects
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Visitors usually won't buy from you until they visit your site four to five times. The more times they return, the greater the chances they will buy your products or services.

Capture your visitors' email address
Collecting email addresses is essential to stay in touch with your prospects. Provide a free report or subscription to your ezine (electronic newsletter) to capture your visitors' email address. Follow up with regular ezines, offer more valuable information to establish your credibility, inform them of what's new on your site, and invite them to return to your site.

Provide plenty of valuable information
If your visitors don't see anything that interests them, they will go to your competitors and will never come back. If you provide plenty of valuable information, they may bookmark your site and come back later.

Update regularly
It may take 4 to 7 visits before your Web visitors buy from you. Regular changes, updates, and new information keep visitors coming back to your Web site. Studies show that people spend more time at a site that changes regularly. Follow these tips to keep visitors coming back and win their trust.

  • Make changes and provide new, original, and useful content often.
  • Update your Web site at least once a month, even if the changes are minimal. Make small changes, e.g. updates, new articles, a tip of the week.
  • Keep all information current.
  • Indicate the items you updated.
  • Mention that you are continuously adding new information.
  • Ask visitors to bookmark your site and come back for new information.

Content that attracts visitors back to your site

  • Updated information (e.g. industry information).
  • Timely information (events schedule, class schedule, articles, tip of the day/week).
  • Updated product (e.g. latest edition of your book, updated virus software).
  • New product (e.g. new software demo).
  • Quality freebees (e.g. free reports, tips, and electronic books; free pictures and graphics; free samples, excerpts of your book, table of contents; free software, sounds, videos, and templates.
  • Go to our resource page to see more examples of freebees.

How to get content for your site

  • Recycle information from newsletters, postcards, free tips, and reports you already have.
  • Spend time exploring useful Web sites and request permission to use some of their articles.
  • Go to free content sites.

Provide valuable content and update your site regularly
to give visitors a reason to return and increase your sales.

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