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Eight Easy Ways to Boost Credibility and Online Sales

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Credibility is a big concern on the Internet. If you want to sell products or services with your Web site, it's essential that visitors trust you. Follow these strategies to build trust with your Web site.

  1. Get your own domain name. Your domain name is your unique address on the Internet such as, http://www.yourname.com. To find a list of domain name registration services and check the availability of your preferred domain name, go to http://www.internic.com.

  2. Pay for hosting. Why should you pay for hosting when there is free hosting available? When you put your Web site on a free server, your URL (Web address) will be long and look like http://www.freeserver.com/yourname/. Most free servers place ads on your Web site. If you want to have a short domain name and convey a professional image, pay for hosting and get your own domain name.

  3. Provide useful content. Content is the most important element of your Web site. It gives visitors a reason to come to your site, return, and refer others. It builds credibility and makes you an authority on a particular topic. Examples of content include articles, reports, newsletters, software downloads, discussion boards, book excerpts, resources. Tailor the information to your audience.

  4. Update frequently. Studies show that people will spend more time at a site that changes regularly. Add new information often to motivate visitors to return to your site and build trust. It may take from four to seven visits before they buy. Remove outdated information regularly. For more information about content, read How to Attract Visitors to Your Web Site and How to Keep Visitors Coming Back.

  5. Make it easy to contact you. Provide your contact information or a link to your contact page on every page. Include your name, business name, email address, 800 number, fax, and street address. Provide a local phone number (international prospects can't use 800 numbers). Provide e-mail links and email forms.

  6. Make purchasing easy. Convenience and instant access are the most attractive features of doing business on the Internet. Provide a secure online order form, 800 number, and fax number. Make your order form easy to find by providing links to your order form on most pages. Overcome fear with a money-back guarantee. Offer several payment methods, including major credit cards. The majority of sales will come from online orders paid with credit cards. If you are not accepting credit cards online via a secured server, you will lose sales.

  7. Boost credibility with testimonials. Testimonials from satisfied customers pushing the benefits of your products are a powerful way to boost your prospects' confidence. Testimonials are much more effective than you touting your products. They convey benefits, confirm your claims, and make them more believable. For maximum effect, provide the full name, title, company name, city and state of the people providing testimonials.

  8. Use correct spelling and grammar. If you have typos, you will lose credibility and sales. Spellcheck all documents and any changes you make. Remember that words like your and you're, their and there, its and it's are not caught by spell checkers. Read your Web site carefully. Have others read it too.

Apply these strategies to build trust and increase sales. 

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