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How to Select a Domain Name with Search Engines in Mind

To get your Web site on the Internet, you need a domain name and a hosting company. Follow these tips when selecting a domain name.

  • Choose a descriptive domain name that conveys professionalism and is easy to remember and type.
  • Consider an address that represents your business name, product name, or a name that indicates your type of business.
  • Consider variations of your domain name like making it plural, adding dashes, or underscores.

IMPORTANT TIP: Include keywords in your domain name to boost your search-engine ranking e.g. Web-design-resource-center.com, Webdesignresourcecenter.com, or Webdesignresources.com.

More tips about domain names 

  • You can use numbers, letters, and hyphens (dashes) in your domain name, but the Web address cannot start or end with a hyphen.
  • Avoid confusing characters like zero, one, l, 2, s, and z to minimize the risk of typos. The number zero (0) can be confused with the letter O, and the number "1" with the letter "l."
  • Special characters such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) and ? are not permitted in Web Addresses.
  • Domains cannot contain spaces.
  • Domain names are not case sensitive, so you can spell your domain in uppercase, lower case, or a combination of both, e.g. www.FiveStarWebDesign.com or www.fivestarWebdesign.com. 

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